The Power Words You Must Use to Improve Your Google SERP CTR

So, I’ve already explained an AdWords grabbing technique to improve your CTR in the Google’s search results. But what I want to share here with you is another technique to raise your CTR. And as you already know, better CTR means better SERP positioning for your site.

Power words high CTR Google

So, let’s go baby. I show you some proven and working power words that you have to insert in your posts’ titles and descriptions.

Here are the words:

  • Today
  • Right Now
  • Fast
  • Works Quickly
  • Step-by-step
  • Easy
  • Quick
  • Simple

All this power words emphasise fast results. And, as you already know, people that search something in Google and are rapidly scanning the first page of the search results, are probably impatient. They probably are looking for a quick fix, fast solution, fast results.

And by using the power words I mentioned above, you emphasise the quickness and the “fast solution” quality of your post. That’s what many people are looking for, so just give it to them.

The people are gonna click more on your posts if you use these power words in your titles and descriptions. This is a tested and proven technique. Just give it a try and then you tell me.

Hope you got it right: use the power words mentioned above in your posts’ title tags and descriptions to get better Click Through Rate(CTR) in the Google’s search results.

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