Make Posts Around One Single Idea

This is about why is important to make your posts around one single idea.

I mean, this is just what people want. Some fresh content that really has something to say. Content that is not created just for the sake of creating content.

You Got To Have An Idea That You Want To Share With People

That’s the right way of making a post.

If you want to write a post, this is because you have something to say, something to share with others. You want to make others understand something.

A Post About Instagram I’m Creating Now

Yesterday I was a little drinking and smoking and snooping on Instagram.

I saw some pictures, liked some pictures, left some comments, followed some users…

Than, I surprisingly started to make new posts on Instagram of my own.

I was really inspired and started to take pictures of myself with funny objects like toilet paper and my tablet featuring the word “STUPID” on the screen.

I was also making and sharing fast notes that I was making with a permanent marker on the walls and sheets of paper. Here is one of the pictures I shared:

instagram pictures users posts

A little update here.

I’m making a little update here on February 6, 2018 to notify you that I deleted that Instagram post.

As you can see, it’s a simple scheme where I encourage people to get other user’s pictures, make them funny by adding some text captions and then to post them on their own Instagram accounts and notify the original users somehow.

That Post Of Mine Gave Me An Idea Today

This morning I woke up and realised that this little Instagram scheme can be converted into a post on CocoComo.

You see? I got an idea and I want to make a post around it.

In this case it is a drawn scheme that I want to express with written words.

Not only you can use pictures to inspire your post, there are also many videos on YouTube. Just find the useful ones and make posts around this videos. Here you got a cool YouTube channel that talks about SEO. You can use it’s videos for creating cool, useful posts on your blog.

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