How Do I Create New Content?

create new content

Well — for creating new content for your blog or Youtube channel you can inspire yourself with what other people do. I mean you can watch a movie and then just go and post your opinion about that movie. Than would be new content creation. Maybe you can read some cool books or magazines and get the inspiration there.

I would say that for creating really cool and engaging new content you should write or talk about something that you’re passionate about.

It’s like if you like cars — just go and write about cars, man. If you like food — just go ahead and create some cool new content about food. Don’t be shy and just go create new content about something that you love.

And you know what? — You have to practice. I mean the more you practice — the better new content you will be creating. And the more you practice — the easier it becomes to create new content. It’s like a videogame — the more you play — the better skill you’re getting as a gamer. So here by creating more and more new content you’re pumping up you content-creating skill.

Use COFFEE For Creating New Content

You can use this old secret trick of all the good writers and content creators — just go and make yourself a nice hot tasty cup of coffee! And you will feel how the new ideas start to flow abundantly and you content-creation process is accelerated by this amazing plant (coffee). Well — you could also smoke some green, you know 😉

No but the coffee is a really amazing thing for the content creators. A nice fresh hot cup of coffee cheers you up and gives you new ideas for your content-creation process.

Move Your Ass A Lil Bit

Well — you could also use some old cool trick which is making some physical activity to stimulate you content-creation process. When you move your physical body new ideas flow more abundantly. A cool trick I use for creating new content is just go for some bicycle ride in the morning near the sea — it’s just so perfect for getting new ideas! You can use this trick too! Just get yourself a nice mountain bike or a BMW and go for a nice ride in the morning. When you come back home you will feel energized, empowered and with a ton of new cool ideas for new content creation.

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