From HostGator To Better Price And FREE SSL

Alright, today, playing some CoD: MW2 online, guess what? I get to know a guy called “Mr. ESCOBAR” and we start chatting during the gameplay. Here is a screenshot of his Steam profile:

vimexx nl web hosting free ssl

So I tell him: “Hey, man, i’m a blogger, I have several projects on the web”.

He responds: “Alright, man, I’m an affiliate marketer”.

So we continue chatting and I ask him: “Do you host with HostGator? Because I do.”

He says: “Nah, man, better use you get a free SSL”. You Better Use Google Translate

So I go and check out this web hosting company (

The first thing that I see is that their website is totally in Dutch and they don’t seem to have an English version. Not a problem for me: I don’t know Dutch at the moment but I know how to use Google Translate. Lucky me!

Alright, so I find out that the company has various web hosting plans and they do give you free SSL for all your domains. Furthermore, I can say that their prices are really attractive:

vimexx nl web hosting plans SSD Disks, Free SSL And Nice Pricing

As you can see, the prices are really very attractive, but I have to say, if you want to deal with Vimexx, you have to contract an entire year (12 months), that’s the minimum service period. It’s not really a problem because getting their “Start” package is gonna cost you € 6.53 (including all taxes), € 6.53 is the final price for 1 year of web hosting. Isn’t that sweet?

vimexx nl payment web hosting

Plus, this guys offer SSD storage and claim good loading speeds. I will have to check it by myself: you never know how fast is a hosting company until you test it by yourself.

Vimexx: No cPanel, But DirectAdmin Instead

This guys don’t use cPanel, they use DirectAdmin. I guess it’s not a big deal. cPanel is more user firendly and DirectAdmin is more technical.

Migrating From HostGator To Vimexx

Now I’m going to contract a hosting plan with Vimexx. The next step is migrating all my archives and databases from one hosting company to another.

Wish me luck!

A Quick Update!

OK, I’ve contracted a hosting plan “Start” for 12 months with Vimexx. Total amount paid: € 6.88. Here is the invoice:

vimexx nl web hosting payment invoice

Vimexx Accepts Bitcoin Payments

This guys accept Bitcoin payments so I paid them with my Bitcoin Wallet. Everything OK.

Good News: DirectAdmin Is In English

I don’t have to learn Dutch right now because my admin panel (DirectAdmin) is in English! That’s good!

A Couple Details More, Just To Sum It All Up:

  • I paid € 6.88 for this hosting package
  • The duration is 12 months
  • I get 2Gb hosting space
  • Bandwidth: 25Gb per month
  • 25 domains
  • Unlimited FTP accounts
  • Unlimited databases
  • Unlimited e-mails
  • Free SSL

A screenshot from my DirectAdmin:

vimexx hosting directadmin

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