Google And Facebook Simple Success Secret

Google Facebook success secret

Google got rich by creating some kind of directory and categorizing all the websites he could find on the web. Facebook did something similar but with a different approach. Facebook created a directory of people.

Can you see it? Top 2 Internet companies have done 1 thing: create a directory of something that already exists. They organized something that is already there.

Google created a directory of all the websites he could find on the net and simply gives you the right websites when you make a query. You ask a question and Google gives you the answer offering to you some of the websites that Google did NOT create. You catch the idea?

Google Just Organized The Stuff

Google got rich by categorizing websites, they simply grabbed what already existed and organized it. And they make a lot of money. Just organizing the stuff that already exists. You get the idea?

Similar With Facebook Here

Facebook is a directory of people. The difference is that Facebook made people create their profiles and then organized them.

But the idea is the same: Facebook saw a lot of people and decided to create a directory of people.

Google saw a lot of websites and decided to create a directory of all those websites.

And those 2 companies are super rich nowadays. Just by organizing stuff. No need to create something new. Just work with what already exists.

You Get The Idea?

All you have to do is to categorize, organize something that exists in large amounts and is similar (websites, people, stores, gyms etc.).

This idea was used by the yellow pages type of guides. All they did is to create a directory of all the existing stores and businesses in the city and then they gave their guide to everybody for free.

Final Words

Alright, just wanted to give you some hints. Wanted to give you some ideas to spark you creativity and help you create something really cool. Something that makes a lot of money.

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