Freestylin’ Your NEW CONTENT For Internet Marketing

Creating content is somehow significant in Internet Marketing. Sometimes we don’t know what to write about because maybe we’re not inspired in that precise moment… But there’s a solution to that kind of situation! You can start to IMPROVISE, to FREESTYLE!

I mean freestylin’ is pretty cool — you know.
Freestylin’ is about creatin’ content in a free and improvised manner without a deliberate planning or structure / system.

Improvisin’ and freestylin’ can help you A LOT when you need to CREATE NEW CONTENT for your Internet Marketing ventures.

Now comes the question: How do you start to freestyle / improvise?

Well — here everything is VERY SIMPLE:
Improvisin’ and freestylin’ is about BEING YOURSELF and LETTIN’ YOURSELF GO a lil bit.

You have to let yourself go and start to write, or to sing or to talk and record it with your smartphone or a mic.

You can also record yourself on video usin’ your mobile phone.

Or you can grab a text notes app in your phone and start to write whatever is crossin’ your mind RIGHT NOW.

And THAT is freestylin’, THAT is improvisin’, my man.


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