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Lo que quiero decir con lo de “hacerlo mal aposta” significa NO SER DEMASIADO PERFECCIONISTA con las cosas que vamos fabricando. Es decir — a veces una cosa “un poco mal hecha” o “inacabada” tiene un MAYOR ATRACTIVO para nuestros clientes / usuarios / seguidores. A veces a la gente le gustan estas cosas un poco inacabadas o un […]

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Freestylin’ Your NEW CONTENT For Internet Marketing

Creating content is somehow significant in Internet Marketing. Sometimes we don’t know what to write about because maybe we’re not inspired in that precise moment… But there’s a solution to that kind of situation! You can start to IMPROVISE, to FREESTYLE! I mean freestylin’ is pretty cool — you know. Freestylin’ is about creatin’ content […]

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ISP CGNAT Ftp restriction hosting server hostgator

Carrier-Grade NAT (CGN or CGNAT) And The Problem Accessing My HostGator Server Via FTP (ISP Issue)

I have been having a little problem accessing my HostGator server via FTP. I just couldn’t communicate with the server using FileZilla FTP client. Everything seemed to be just fine: my hostname, username and password were correct, but I just didn’t seem to reach my hosting server for some reason. Contacting HostGator Tech Support After […]

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