Boost Google SERP CTR By Grabbing AdWords Words & Phrases [Proven Technique]

Sounds quiet intriguing, doesn’t it? Oh yeah! So this technique is used to improve CTR in the Google search results. (BTW, here I got another technique to improve your CTR).

As you probably already know, one of the Google’s new SEO signals is the Click Through Rate or CTR. Google’s new algorithm called RankBrain measures your site’s CTR in the Google search results. RankBrain is an AI that measures how many people click on your website’s result in the SERP

The more people click on your site in the SERP, the better SEO rankings you’re gonna be getting in Google. Better CTR means better search results positioning in Google for your site. Pretty simple, right?

So, what I want to do here is to explain you how to get a better CTR (Click Through Rate).

What you have to do is to search in Google for your target keyword and look carefully at the AdWords ads that appear in the SERP.

Check out rapidly the exact words the AdWords ads are using. I mean look for the words and phrases that are used in the AdWords ads when you search for your target keyword in Google.

Now what you have to do is to use those exact words and phrases in the title tag and description of your post.

Let me explain why this stuff works…

The people that are into AdWords advertising do a lot of tests with different words, phrases and combinations. They try to find the best words to make users to click on their ads. They want a high CTR. The higher, the better for them.

What you do with this technique is grabbing those already well-working words and phrases and to insert them in the titles and descriptions of your posts. This will lead you to higher CTR, I guarantee. And the higher CTR will lead you to a higher rankings in Google. Ain’t we all looking for that?

I hope I’ve explained everything OK. If not, just ask me in the comment section below.

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