At CocoComo We Are SUCCESSFUL Bloggers And Internet Marketers

So we are successful bloggers. And we write and publish successful posts on our blogs.

Here you can see my blog “CocoComo” — it’s pretty cool you know. CocoComo is all about Internet Marketing (IM) and making money online.

And you may ask yourself — how do I make money online? Well — you have to produce and publish some content. And it’s even better if you publish some USEFUL content. Let’s say you look for, find and identify some real problem that the people have. Now you make a post that SOLVES that problem. That is a USEFUL post.

You can also make a post that answeres some kind of QUESTION that the people have.

You sure know a website called “Quora”, right? There you can see a lot of people asking a lot of questions about a lot of different topics. There you can get some cool ideas about what kind of questions the people need answeres about.

Posts answering questions is a real cool example of useful post.

And you know — we create our websites using WordPress because it’s a cool, useful and SEO friendly tool that is available for us, the bloggers and Internet Marketers.


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