A Website That Is Catchy & Original [Grow Your Own Style]

original website blogging

A website that is original and catchy is successful.

Give it a personal touch.

I’m talking here about finding your own style. Because that’s how legends are made.

Be You But Don’t Be Scared To Replicate Other’s Success

Yes, I’m talking about being you and finding your own style… But you have to start somewhere.

And the best way to start is to have some good examples. Some really good examples of success. And you can follow their guidelines.

Many successful people that are already millionaires still have some mentors in their lives, their still have some life or financial coaches. And it’s perfectly OK.

I’m telling you this because you can find and grow your own style while following some nice guidelines and tips from other successful people in your niche.

A Website That Is An Image Of Yourself

Yeah, express yourself using WordPress blogging.

You have that nice tool called WordPress that allows you to create awesome websites in short periods of time. You don’t even have to code anything. There are plenty of plugins that add astonishing functions and options to your blog. That’s just awesome. Thank you, Matt Mullenweg.

This is an art. Blogging is an art. And this is not like painting some paintings and expecting to sell them. Here you have much more opportunities for making money. This is a win-win combination: do what you like and make money. I have been looking for that all my life.

A quick update (clarification).

You can also make money by painting and selling your art, there’s no problem with that. It’s just my opinion that in 2018 it is easier to make money with blogging. We have all the tech to help us. Why not use it to make some dollars?

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